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Easy and Powerful MP4 Converter

Small video file now is getting more and more important because of the limited storage in a gadget. It is true that the technology of compressing video file is getting better and better, and MP4 is one video format that has a high compression, so small file but high quality. MP4 file is the good choice for less space consumption. Most of portable device supports MP4 format, so it is becoming important that you can convert your video to MP4 format.

Most of my video file are in avi format. I need software to convert avi to mp4 so I can save my videos in my iPod, iPad, or other portable device and watch them with a good quality.

Video converter is a tool that can make you easier to save your videos in MP4 format. It is very simple and has a simple-designed interface so even the newbie will have no difficulty to use it. Just drag and drop your avi file or add your video you want to convert, choose MP4 as your output format, and start your conversion.

The easy steps that the software has to convert your video doesn’t make this software ability become less. You can still have many options for video setting like it rate, frame rate, resolution and many others. The good thing about MP4 format is fast, high resolution and small file size.

Affiliate Niche Script

If you are thinking about making extra money by doing a side job, you might think about working online as an internet marketer. One of the best earning sources that I can think of is becoming an Amazon affiliate. It is true that to become an Amazon affiliate you need a basic skill of internet marketing. The better your skill, there will be more possibility for you to make more money.

Being an Amazon affiliate actually is not difficult. Some newbie can start to see their steady income within only on few months. I can say that anyone can do this.

Of course in becoming an Amazon affiliate, there are tools that you can use to make your work easier and yet, to make your earning faster. I recommend Amazon & eBay Affiliate Script because this is a tool that really help for both beginners or for people that already advanced in being an internet marketer.

Affiliate Niche Script has many great features that can help you to create an Amazon store. It integrated with eBay and AdSense program. It also SEO friendly so you don’t need to do things in order to make your site to be on page SEO. Your store will be look exactly like a professional web store, with search feature and auto suggest, price monitoring and alerts.

Basically if you are a beginner, this is the tool that you can use for starting your Amazon business.

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online business woman web hosting

Cheap Website Hosting

online business woman web hostingChoosing a service for hosting your website is sometime confusing, because for some business, web hosting is the key to the success. In order to be successful you need to find the best web hosting provider that really meets your criteria. Cheap Website Hosting service may not be able to offer the diverse needs of a successful website, which requires web content, videos, images, and graphics are loaded properly. Finding a good service from web hosting company is not only from web hosting company that only known for offering discount coupons for their packages, but you need to pay attention to their services, their safety and reliability features. If your business website is experiencing many downtimes, it will surely make your customers irritated.

One of my recommendations for web hosting company is AvaHost. It has everything that generally all the online businessmen need for their websites. They provide unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domain hosted and unlimited email accounts. The price is also very affordable, start from $2.77. For those who also want to join reseller program, what they offer is also promising. And for the bigger business, VPS will be more suitable service to try.

AvaHost also offers web design service, with HTML and flash site builder for free. This is the easiest tool to make a website within minutes. While custom design service is also available start from $199.

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online tutor

Tutorville Service

online tutorDo you have problem with your school and looking for a private tutor that available 24 hours helping you to solve the problem, to understand the lesson from school? Are you looking for help from a professional teacher but only for short period of time? This is the answer for your problem. In you can find help from many professional tutors with the most flexible time, according to your choice.

Tutorsville is the most flexible tutoring service. You can only buy at least 15 minutes of tutoring time. The service is also flexible. It’s available 24 hours!

How it works is very simple. Just go to the website, then sign up to create an account and choose a pricing package. Login to your account, then request an online lesson. The online tutor will be available to meet you one on one online to help you with the subject you choose.

The subject available for tutoring time are pretty much complete. Here are the list. Business (economics, finances, project management), Computer sicence (microsoft excell, MySQL, PHP), Language (English, French , Spanish), Math (algebra, calculus, trigonometry) and Science (chemistry, physics). With all the complete subject and dedicated tutors that really devote their time to help your academic problem, you shouldn’t be worry anymore. Get help.

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