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Insurance is Needed in Traveling and Backpacking

Templateanic web template and web development in traveling and backpacking tipsDo you like backpacking? Every year many people go backpacking to foreign countries, seeking for experience. Mostly young people who like to experience the ultimate adventure will pack their bags, make a vague plan, and seek out the unknown, and that’s it. Backpacking is about uncertain things, not knowing what is going to happen and living for the moment.

One thing that backpackers should not forget to prepare beside passport and plane ticket is travel insurance. Traveling is about uncertain thing but insurance is important. Insurance provides the freedom for many travelers to crave from their trip to live day by day, decide what they are going to do next and the ability to seek the extreme sports or live in nowhere locations.

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Choosing Local Server for Your Website

Templatepanic web development - web hostig local UKIn TemplatePanic, I will constantly post articles related to web hosting and web development. As you probably know, a web hosting service is a service from a certain company or internet service provider that allows websites to be accessible via internet. It is like a space in the hard drive that can be access from everywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

There are things that you need to consider when choosing a web hosting service for your website. Most people just choose web hosting service based on the price they offer. The cheaper is the better. It is not always right there are other factors that need to be considered other than just price.

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For Those of You Who Want to Start Your Own Blog

templatepanic web develpoment - web hostingThere is some point when someone wants to start his own business in the internet that requires him to buy a hosting and a domain name. There are a lot of free hosting services in the internet if you want to search. Domain names are the same. A lot of free domain names available for free in the internet. I always recommend for first timer to search and try free services available in the internet, like free blog at or Even Friendster also offers a free blog service.

There are free domain names available in the internet like or I still remember the first time I use .tk as my domain name. All of those free domain name and web hosting are cool and worth to try, but like I said at some point we will need a paid service.

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Vacuum Cleaner

TemplatePanic blog template design - vacuum cleanerIt is a time for me to buy a new vacuum cleaner for my carpet. From the first time I already keep in mind that the most valuable is not the cheapest, but I always try to look for the quality vacuums. For example if in the house we have pets like cat r dogs or we have problems with allergies. It is highly recommended that we use the one with HEPA filter.

Sexy Lingerie Blog Header

Templatepanic blog header image - sexy lingerie woman's underwear victoria's secret

It has been a while ago that I created my first sexy lingerie blog. Actually the content of this blog is tips and tricks about shopping and using woman’s underwear. It is also contains related articles about sexy lingerie, panties, thongs, bra and other those kind of stuffs. Even though some people might relate this as a semi porn site, it is actually not. The idea of making this blog is actually from the Victoria’s Secret website.

I was so amazed with the history of Victoria’s Secret which was started by Roy Raymond in San Francisco, California. It was originally meant for men who feel embarrassed shopping woman’s underwear for his wife or girlfriend.

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Warcraft Unbroken Header Image for your Blog

templatepanic WOW header image - unbroken
This time once again I want to present to you one more header image with World of Warcraft theme. If you like World of Warcraft game, you probably know this character. I present this header image in 900 pixels times 300 pixels. I hope it is enough for your blog header. Feel free to crop or resize as needed.

This is not the first time I made a Word of Warcraft header image. See also another wow header images and blog template in this templatepanic blog.

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Insurance for Travelers

templatepanic web template travel insuranceDo you like to travel? I do. Having an insurance that covers our frequent travel is something that you need to consider if you are a frequent traveler. One good alternative to do so is with annual travel insurance. It will cover any areas like cancellation or delay of your flights, emergency evacuation, medical expenses that might happen during the traveling, and it also covers if there any loss or damage of our personal belonging.

Basically this thing can give you peace of mind when you travel. This message is brought to you by TemplatePanic.