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Advantages of Free Blogging Services

Are you new to blogging? People often ask me about how to start from the very beginning. Should I buy my own domain and look for a paid Web Hosting service to start blogging or just sign up for an account in a site that offer free blogging service. Well, there are two kinds depend on what your aim in the future. Here below are the advantages and disadvantages between those two.

The advantages of free blogging service:
It is easy to set up. You even no need to set up. Just sign up for a free account and your blog is ready to go.
Free blogging services are usually easy to use.
They are completely free, no need to pay for a domain name and hosting service.

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The Explorers Blog Template Header Image

the explorers blog template header image

Since when I was small I always admire map pictures especially the artistic ancient maps. This time I try to present to you my artwork. It is a header image, which you can use for your web site or blog template if you have any web site or blog related to map, journey, history or even your personal blog. I name it ‘The Explorers’, but feel free to use it and change the title as you want. I plan to provide the photoshop layered file available to download if many of you are interested.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

It has been my habit every time I want to buy domain or hosting products, I always check for Dotster Coupons. With coupon codes you can save significant amount of money. If you have an e-commerce website, this is the most things about your hosting place.

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Elegant Example from IT Company Web Site

IT consulting web design sample

This is a screenshot of NY IT Services, an IT consulting company. Well, if you ask me about the design, personally I like it. This website design is elegant, especially with the thin gray lines variation. The contrast of blue header and the logo, combined with a little colored variation stripes below the header make it more professional looks.

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Cozy Place Header for Your Blog Template

If you are an interior designer, owner of an online interior store or at least has interest in interior design, it is worth to try creating a web log about interior design. Here is a sample of image for an interior design related web site. If you are interested and feel like you want to use for your personal blog, feel free to save it and modify according to your need.

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Job Hunting

Having a Graphic Design Jobs for is a good thing for some people that they could be proud of. It has been going on in my mind lately that the profession of a graphic designer is a profession that is so cool. While when I was a little kid until I grew up to be a high school student, I was thinking to be an architect. That was what made me to enter to architecture department and studied architecture, until I graduated.

For most of us, getting a job or having a career like what we want means something. It sometime makes people get stressed in hunting for their job.

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Things to Consider to Buy Used Cars

One of the great place to buy used cars is Nissan Dealer MA. They are Nissan cars specialist who sell brand new Nissan also. These are tips, about what you need to check before buying a use car.

First step is looking it all over. Make sure you check all these things.

  • Check all over the body of the car, both interior and exterior. Look for broken or damaged part of the car.
  • Check for any rust or injuries.
  • Check the doors, try to lock them and check whether they all work well.
  • Check all the wheels and suspensions.
  • Look the bottom side if the car if there any rust, unsymmetrical parts or broken parts.
  • Look at the interior and luggage room, under the carpet.

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