Be Careful in Choosing Ink Jet Printer

Buying an inkjet printer is one thing but changing cartridge every time especially if the usage is a lot, can be a huge spending. Ink cartridge for a printer is the same as fuel in a vehicle. Refilling or changing ink jet cartridges is pretty much part and parcel of using computer printer, so you need to look for the best way that makes the process and the cost efficient for you. Not all ink jet cartridge are the same. Different brand, different manufacturer, will be a different quality too. The best ink cartridge for a printer is cartridge with the same brand or manufacturer with the ink jet printer, or which called OEM cartridge (Original Equipment Manufacturer), because they are made special for particular printer.

Sometime the factor of choosing an ink jet printer is the cheap price, but don’t forget to think further about the ink cartridge that you need to buy in a regular basis as you are using your printer. Beside OEM ink jet cartridge, there are also what called compatible cartridge. Compatible cartridge for a printer is not as good the original one, and in a long term could damage your printer. So, as a conclusion, making a wrong decision in buying a printer can cost you more.