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Paper Art WordPress Theme

paper art wordpress theme

Paper Art WordPress Theme, a three-column WordPress Theme with splitted-sidebar. The comment section is supporting Gravatars ( and Threaded Comments. If you are using WordPress 2.7, go to your dashboard, Settings, Discussion, and activate “Enable threaded comments”.

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The Basic Things You Need to Know about Web Hosting

templatepanic web hosting that suitablefor youFor those of you who run a small business online, web hosting service is a serious thing that you need. It means, in providing or purchasing a web hosting service for your web site, you need to consider it carefully and wisely. Here are some tips about choosing a web hosting service. Hoping you find the best and suitable for you.

Customer service is number one. Many web hosting companies may offer many kinds of features, but those features are meaningless without a good handling of customer services.

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My Magz WordPress Theme

My Magz WordPress Theme

My Magz, a light and fast WordPress Theme. Options page allows you to change the theme color. There are seven color option (blue, brown, green, orange, pink, red, and violet). The comment section is supporting Gravatars ( This theme is combining a magazine and a blog into one.

The header of the front page shows:

Left Section:
Your photo gallery (using NextGEN Gallery Plugin)
Right Section (tabbed content):
1. Popular Posts
2. Recent Posts
3. Most Commented Posts

You will need to install and activate this plugins to get this theme working properly:
1. NextGEN Gallery
2. NextGEN Smooth Gallery
3. WP-PageNavi
4. WP-PostRatings
5. WP-PostViews

When you go to single post/page, archive page, or categories page, the photo gallery, and tabbed content will not displayed. But at the bottom section, you will find Popular Posts, Recent Posts, and Most Commented Posts.

Live demo | [download#173]

Your Profile in Writing CV

templatepanic CVWriting a good CV (Curriculum Vitae) is very important in order to get a wanted job. Here is a simple guide how to write a professional CV. A good CV should include headings, objectives, educations and work experiences. CurriculumVitae is made, so the person who read that curriculum vitae can have a clear understanding about your qualification. Thus, personal profile, career objective summary and competency statement should me written systematically and easy to be understood.

In writing Curriculum Vitae, you need to ensure that the company will see you as a qualified person, valuable and interested to hire you as their employee. In order to do that, you should include your qualification details, skills, good score you might have and rewards you have as many as you’ve got.

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The Advantages of Using Web Template

web-templatesWhy use a web design template? What are the advantages of having a website template?

The usage of a web template allows you to save your time and increases the speed of website creation. You don’t have to waste your time looking for the concept designs, or matching color schemes. You don’t have to start creating a website design from the scratch. Using website templates saves lots of time and money while you can concentrate on your main projects.

A web template will allow you to create high-quality websites in a very short time. The template based websites can be created in days, or even hours. A well-designed web template can be customized to almost any degree. You can add or delete pages, change the buttons, or make any other changes. You can go for template customization, to make your template unique.

This made website creation very easy even for you who do not know programming or html. Maintaining a web site is not an easy task. The web template makes this task very easy, even for non-technical persons.

The usage of web template is also giving you high quality web design.

Web templates can be used for a while to host a site and attract customers, while the actual website is being build.

The other advantage is the cost, whereas a custom built web design can cost you anywhere from $1000 to $3000. It is not easy to find quality web designers. You can buy the professional web template at affordable price. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars on a professional web designer.

There are many web design template providers who offer web templates with unique designs. At EasyTemplates you will find lots of free resources to improve your sites: Photography Templates, Video and Photo Templates, and Flash Templates. They offer you some of the most exciting Flash Photo Gallery Templates. Flash gallery templates are ideal for the professional photographer. They also can be used as a personal website.

Why You Need Press Release

press release trategy from templatepanicYou are an internet marketer and you just launched a new website, trying to sell something. Definitely in order to make sales you need to make a promotion. There are a lot of promotion strategies out there and using press release is one of the most effective strategies.

Why use press release as a promotion strategy? Here are the reasons. Press release is an article that published in the article directory websites. Anyone can copy press release articles from there and use them as content for their websites. When someone take this article and republish them, he must keep the link alive. This is the advantage of the press release author. Getting back links from many different websites.

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The Beauty of Personalized Jewelry

templatepanic personalized jewelryThinking about buying a great gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or when you propose someone you love, or just for a special date? Consider to buy accessories from designer or a personalized jewelry. Talking about fashion designer that recently has a great pamor, Melody Eshani is one of the names that pops up in my mind.

Melody Ehsani is famous for accessories she wears. She is a kind of a big deal. In the United States people know her by her outrageous accessories and this collection has seen the designer give shoes a whirl too. Los Angeles-based designer Melody Ehsani creates eye catching shoes and accessories and have already garnered an A-list celebrity fanbase like Rihanna, Ciara, Alicia Keys, Kelis, Keri Hilson, Erykah Badu and Angela Simmons to name a few. Her accessories and shoes are bold, flashy and makes a statement, definitely some dope pieces.

Besides buying accessories from designer like Melody Ehsani, here is also tip of buying jewelry. When buying jewelry, the personalized one is more recommended. Beside it has a different excitement on wearing, it is also bring a feeling of special and loved to the one if you buy that for a present. One more thing about personalized jewelry if you want to buy gold or silver one, buy the original one, not gold or silver plated.