The Interesting Things About Asian Girls

In general Asian culture which is include China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam, the social pressure is still considerably big. Especially for many Asian girls, the pressure from their family still a thing that need to be consider in every big decision making. For those who still hold on family traditions, they are still forced to study in specific field, do a specific habits, married to a particular type of person and by a certain age. By culture, Asian girls are typically conservative.

Not all Asian woman fit to this criteria. In this modern age, there are categories of Asian girls. Some of them are hot Chinese girls especially Asian girls who live or have education in western culture. Some of Asian girls are now so called ABG or Asian Baby Girls, they are the most attractive type of Asian girls and you will know when you see them. Usually they work as a model on a magazine, or hangout in a fancy coffee shop or maybe working in a vape shop. They are skinny, sexy, sometime has tattoo, and like to expose their belly button. This type of Asian girls are like a gangster Asian girls who like sport cars and tattoo. Even though they look tough in the outside, sometime they are insecure and fragile.

The opposite of this Asian Baby Girl type is just a normal Asian girl. If you are looking for a cute and sweet Asian girl, she is your gal. This normal Asian girl is a type of girl who are totally cool with spending a Saturday night with her parents, eating in a restaurant. They like Korean drama, Hello Kitty, many cute little things and family entertainment like Disneyland, Legoland, or Yogurtland. They usually wears something loosen and not sexy, but nice.

Another category of Asian girls is Young Professional Asian Girl. Be ready when you decide to date hot Asian girl like her, because they like to have a tight packed schedule, very organized, and punctual. They like to eat in a fancy expensive restaurants, driving a very decent cars, and concern about having a good interior design in her room. She might like to run a half marathon, and concern about her job so much. Basically she is a professional.

Some of Asian girls are also geek. This Geeky Asian girls like to play video game, being an otaku (fans of Anime) or also like K-pop so much. They might like sci-fi movies, fan of a certain YouTube channel or in to British TV shows. This geeky Asian girl are much more into entertainment like reading novels before watching the movie. They probably finish all the series of Harry Potter books or Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones before watching the movie. In social media, most of them usually don’t use their photo as their avatar or profile picture. As a clothing, they probably wear t-shirt with a picture of their favorite anime, favorite band, TV shows or YouTube channel.

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There is a difference between being geeky and a braniac nerd Asian Girls. The super nerd Asian girls are probably a daughter of professor, researcher, engineer or someone super smart. If discussions about quantum mechanics or multivariable calculus catches their attention, you probably dating a braniac nerd type of girl. She doesn’t post on social media so much, unless related to a scientific breakthrough or the project she is working on. This type of Asian girls usually wear glasses and does not really care about fashion.

There are more other interesting type of Asian girls, like those who like sport so much, into fashion, hipster, churchy girl, and many more.