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The Best Christmas Present

If you walk in the mall this Christmas, you will see many things are sold for Christmas presents. But actually Christmas present doesn’t have to be expensive to be special and meaningful and even you don’t have to buy them. This is the list of the best Christmas presents.

Being there on Christmas is very special especially for someone we really care about. Availability to listen is sometime needed to make harmony of relationship. Silence, Freedom, Beauty, positive attitude, and smile, all those thing could be more precious than blue diamonds.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

On Christmas there is a common tradition in my family to exchange presents among the family member. This Christmas seem to be pretty exciting for me because I have all my family including my brother coming and we have a vacation together. The best Christmas gift in my opinion is personal gift like self written Christmas poems, hand made Christmas cards or anything else that unique.

These kinds of Christmas present will be more special and meaningful even though men’s clothing as Christmas gift is more expensive.

HTC Smartphone

HTC androidThis is the era of smart phone. Most of the phone today is equipped with internet connection and ability to browse internet. Multimedia is also included with many different operating system, depends on the factory. Camera is like the must have feature for smart phone and some of them with high resolution. Imagine you can take picture with auto-focus lens and built-in flash then upload it to your Facebook immediately.

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A New Baby Born

baby born cardThe birth of a baby is one of the most important things in our life, and it is to be announces to families, friends and other acquaintances. Like every Christmas we usually send Christmas cards, also there are many other reasons to send cards like sending congratulation on graduation day or wedding day, also birthday wishes to friends or family.

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Drink Water

drink fresh waterNormally people will suggest to do exercise regularly to shape our body and get the ideal body shape. Good, healthy and regular exercise is good to make a fit and healthier body. One of my friends said something interesting about being healthy and fit. Drink water regularly. Actually 2-3 liters of water is very good for health. Human body is contents 75% of water. Thus, it’s a very important thing for the body.

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Jewelry for Special Occasion

templatepanic jewelryOne thing that indicates beauty and glamour is the diamonds. When someone wears jewelry that has diamonds on it, it can indicate a status symbol because it is a valuable possession. Even though diamonds can we worn in many occasions, there are different type of jewelry for different occasions. Bracelet can be suitable for cocktail party and dinner.

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Auto Insurance Company

template panic car auto mobileFor those of you that have a car or recently bought a new car, auto insurance is a very important thing for your vehicle. In some country it is even illegal to have a vehicle without having insurance. For someone who is having a car for the very first time, choosing insurance for the car might be a little bit problem because you might have no idea what kind of insurance you will choose.

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