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Jumong theme is based on a popular Korean historical drama series. Jumong was the son of Hae Mo-su (a legendary soldier of Korea) and Yuh-wa (princess of the Habaek nation). Since the father is a very good archer, Yuh-wa named her child ‘Jumong,’ which was said to mean “skilled archer”.


Jumong Theme’s live demo | [download#72]

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Movie Times Theme For WordPress

*My new WordPress template, Movie Times*. This theme combines the contrast colors, black, white and light green. It has the good place for your Google Adsense. I also put the codes for “bookmark this post to” and “digg this post” in each post.

movie times wordpress theme

-Live demo- | [download#87]

This template is developed from Fadtastic theme by Andrew Faulkner. But the difference is that the Movie Times has fixed width.

Note: There is no live demo for this theme, because the last website has changed the theme. However, you can still see the demo in here.

Textpattern In Maroon

Textpattern in Maroon is a Textpattern template based on a WordPress theme, “Fadtastic Theme by Andrew Faulkner”: It has the liquid main column and fixed side columns. Tested successfully with Textpattern 4.0.3

textpattern in maroon

Download: [download#124]

How To Use This Theme:

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