Powerful Tool To Investigate Internet Domains

Many people would like to get more information on a particular domain name, and check the DNS records. Registries record domain name owners’ details in a public database called WHOIS. You can check WHOIS information, if you wish to find the details of the registrant (domain owner). If you just bought a domain name and need to check whether it’s correctly registered, for security, it is recommended to find the owner of a domain using WHOIS and found out about domain name ownership.

Abongo.com Is a neat and powerful new tool for investigating Internet domains, websites, IP addresses and other things. It is an indispensable tool for webmaster and other network and web professionals to investigate DNS, Reverse DNS, Whois, Ping, TraceRoute Host and Page Rank from eight locations around the world.

Abongo will help you secure yourself from hackers by showing you mistakes that might have been made in your setup. You can get plain text (complete with maps and explanations) of tools like: Whois, DNS, Reverse DNS, Trace Route, Host, Ping and Page Rank (a new tool). To find the domain name owner information, these tools features a few very simple and easy steps to do. You can look up someone’s website, check where they are hosting, check if their mail is on Google or not, and that way, you really get a feel for whom they are.

It provides detailed website information, including keywords and thumbnail images in plain text, complete with maps and explanations. You can get archival information to review history of a domain. This will be cool for the thumbnail images. You will be able to look back and see what a site looked like over time.

This webmaster tools also provides email alerts and monitoring for all searches. For example, if DNS info for your domain changes, you will get an email telling you. If your search engine ranking changes up or down, you also will get an email reporting this.