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Consider VPS Hosting

VPS hostingIf you are an online entrepreneur or maybe you are going to start a new online business, you should know that you will need to buy a web-hosting package for your website. The cheapest package usually web hosting companies offer is shared hosting. Shared hosting is the most common choice for the first timer. It can host many domains in one account with a very big space, sometime it can be said that it is unlimited space. But of course it is only for small sites that relatively less visitors. In fact, for a big company which owns a website with massive traffic, it would not be enough only using shared hosting. Big company with big website and bog traffic always use what is called Dedicated Server. One company one dedicated server hosting.

While dedicated server might be rather too expensive for a company that is still growing. In between shared hosting and dedicated server, there is what called VPS Hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. It is not as expensive as a dedicated servers, but the client will have more control to the server than shared hosting.

Virtual private server hosting is like having a private server, but actually this is virtual. A single computer is partitioned and used to simulate multiple servers. This is suitable for small business that is planning to grow bigger because the performance overall is better than shared hosting. One more thing, virtual private server is also flexible to be expanded depend on the requirement.

Security wise, virtual server is also better compared to the shared one. When sharing a server, one account can risk of being entangled by damages caused by other member of the shared hosting. The effect that happens can be anything. It might slow down the entire server or swamped traffic, or even more, crashing problem that causes the server down. Virtual private server is a good alternative before stepping on Dedicated Server. Due to all the problems that might happen, Abdicar is one that I recommend because it’s fast, cheap, and just perfect for those of you who consider to start using VPS or dedicated server. Abdicar is not only the cheapest in Costa Rica, but it is also suitable for customer from everywhere around the globe.

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Using Management Software

management flowchartIt doesn’t mater what your business is about, most of businesses need well presented and organized reports. A well presented and easy to read report can help the company to analize and make the efficiency increase, whether in sales, productivity and make the management more efficient. Basically, how the company makes and presents the routine reports can affects the profit and the success of the company. All the managements in the company or even in the small business can be well handled with assisted living tools which can handle many kinds of organization and reports. For example, contact management is very important in the business. It can be classified as customer, prospect or supplier. With proper assisted living software, it can be well handled.

Customer management software also can help to track and monitor the sales opportunities. Make every transaction and slip tracked and organized in order. Normally the job which can be very boring, tiring and wasting a lot of energy and resources can be done easily and efficient.

Choose only the software that can handle multitude of reports and can be accessed remotely either by cloud computing or personal server. These are the few examples of forms that can be handled and can be integrated by assisted living software.

  • Marketing reports
  • Clinical reports
  • Billing and census reports
  • Move in/out reports
  • Accounting reports
  • Operation reports

The good example for usage of this software is the logistic companies. A software can be used to compare shipping costs between carriers before the package is shipped, know where the package is in the supply chain during transportation, make certain about all documents required in the shipment, ensure that the compliancy is maintained. Also many other things that can make more efficiency in the company. The price of this software is affordable and consider cheap compared with what its use for the efficiency for the business.

How to make GIF images online

Animated GIF images are a great way to attract attention to certain parts of your site. You can create simple yet funny images or creating images from movies in GIF format would just be a riot.
GIF Maker Online lets you immediately create Animated GIFs for free. Upload pictures or import them from your Flickr, Picasa or Facebook Web. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to have fun.

Here are 4 easy steps on how to make your GIF animation:

  1. Choose your images
    To begin, you should upload more than one image to create an animated GIF. You can choose to import the images from your own computers or from popular online photo sharing website such as Flickr, Picasa or Facebook. You can add as many images as possible by clicking the “Add one more picture”.
  2. Finishing touches
    You can change the size of your GIF animation, but smaller-sized files are preferred to larger ones, since they are easier to manipulate and play around with. You can choose the speed for your animation as well.
  3. Click the button
    Once you have chosen what images to upload and have chosen the size and speed that you desire, click on the “Create Animation” button at the bottom of the site. You can choose to add your file to the gallery for others to see your creation. If not, you can just uncheck the box and your file will be stored in your account as you register.
  4. Enjoy!
    Once you have created the GIF animation, you can click on the gallery located at the top of the home page or log in to your account to see your animations. It may take a while to create, depending on the images’ file size. The reason for this is because the smaller the image size, the easier it is for your computer and the software to process.

Note: You can directly save your animation to your computer simply by putting your mouse pointer over the image, right click and choose “save image as”. Choose a folder to save your file in your PC and your done.

vernish wordpress theme

Vernish WordPress Theme

vernish wordpress theme

Vernish WordPress Themes. A minimal, modern and fresh design for site powered by WordPress. This theme will fit with any topics. Compatible for the newest version. Download is available for free. Documentation, theme-setting tutorial, and PSD logo are included in the zip file.

Please read this article for more information about how to use this theme:

Live demo


CCNA Cisco Certification

The Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA certification teaches the skills to be able to administer Cisco devices on smaller sized networks. You will have to earn this certification by passing certain exams, namely the ICND1 640-822 and the ICND2 640-816. You have the option to take them separately or take the 640-802 CCNA composite exam. You can study for these exams at tests live, where all the material to help you pass is available.

The CCNA certification is valid for three years. In order to re-certify the student must re-take the exam passed prior or a certification at a higher level. At this level of Cisco certification, an individual will have the knowledge to specialize in many different technologies.

  • Security – skills include installing, troubleshooting and monitoring networks to ensure they maintain confidentiality and integrity of the system at all times.
  • Voice – validates skills and associate level information for specialized roles in voice technological jobs such as a voice technologies administrator, voice manager or voice engineer.
  • Wireless – Implementing and supporting wireless LAN’s, particularly those with Cisco equipment.
  • Service Provider – This certification deals with the latest innovations in service provider industry core networking technological trends. They teach students how to build and maintain a functioning and reliable service network.

Decorating with Throw Pillows

throw pillows, decorative pillowsI just bought a new couch for my small living-room in my house. As an interior designer, I need to have my house decorated. One good idea to decorate a couch in the living room is to add some throw pillows. There are various patterns and materials for its cover, from velvet throw pillows, heavy textures, solid colors and floral pattern. The best way is to mix and match wit the theme color of the room and the couch.