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Just a Thought

templatepanic graphic design - well-designed-kitchen
As a graphic designer who does a lot of graphic design, I live in a daily life being affected by my profession. Whenever I have something, I always want it to be designed the way I want. Especially if it is related to a personal belonging like the place where I work, my environment where I spend my time, and of course my house.

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Library Project

tp-barcode-systemThis time I am helping the project of local church library. It is an old library which has so many collections of books in many categories. I was an activist in helping that library a long time ago. Now, we want to renew the library and upgrade it with a new technology we can afford. It seems like barcode system is common to be used in every library now.

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Red Batik WordPress Theme

red batik wordpress theme

Red Batik WordPress Theme. The comment section is supporting Gravatars ( Supporting threaded comments. Featuring JavaScript Dropdown Menu with Multi Levels for top navigation menu. Supporting Dynamic Content Gallery plugin. Change the setting for Gallery Width: 626 pixels.

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Holiday Project

tp-holiday-projectWinter is coming, and I have to be prepared. This winter I plan not to go anywhere like any winter before. I like to travel around visiting other place for just a vacation. This holiday I plan to do a project. It is called holiday project. It requires concentration. The preparation is simple; setting goal and work schedule, preparing what I’m going to eat during holiday, and buying a heated blanket. for sleep.

AmericanFootball WordPress Theme

AmericanFootball WordPress Theme.
# 2 Column
# Attractive Design
# Clean Code
# SEO Friendly
# Compatible with WordPress 2.6+
# xHTML / CSS Valid
# Compatible with all major browsers
# Widget Ready
# Encrypted Footer

MagLite WordPress Theme

Clean, professional magazine-style WordPress theme. Multipurpose, but best for business and finance blogs. Comes in 3 COLORS (red, blue, green), all included in .zip file.