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Nokia Handphone Blog

A long time ago I made a blog template about mobile phone. It has pretty much downloads and many people has been using it until now. While recently even some of my blogger fellows also start their business with the more specific niche, Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia is the one popular brand of mobile phone in the world. From the very beginning, if you are experiencing using this brand you might able to tell about how simple is the usage of this cell phone.

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Photography Lighting for Beginners

Graphic design is never apart from photography. Talking about photography, lighting is one of the important factors in taking photographs. If you are a beginner photographer, try not to buy expensive equipment. With simple equipment and even handmade equipment like reflector that you can create by yourself can produce a great result.

It is good to have equipment and good studio lighting. With proper usage it will produce a good result, but don’t forget about natural light. Believe or not, in my web design and blog template projects, I often use natural light for my photography.

For You Bus and Truck Lovers

Designing a header image is fun for me. Often time customers come with various topics to design. This time I had a great opportunity to present to you a blog header template design entitled “Bus Lover”. It is a scratch template design for a bus store blog.

This header image is available for you to download too, and I present it in 1024 x 250 px. It is amazing for me to buy a bus from internet.

Infrared Sauna

For many years people know that sweating is an effective way to cleanse the body. By sweating, the body is having a process of eliminating toxins. Sweating is a metabolism process that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body. In this modern life, sauna has becoming a lifestyle to keep our body healthy because people want to improve health and relaxing as well.

When I was a member of a local fitness center I often used the sauna facility. It helped me in reducing pain and headaches.

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Your Opinion About The Hotel You Are Staying

Hello again, all! This time I once again take the opportunity to post a new header image for blog template. It can be used for your blogger template or wordpress theme which you think related to tourism topic.

New York, London, Bangkok and Paris might be the biggest cities that attract people to visit on vacation. How about your upcoming holiday? Do you plan to go somewhere for vacation? If so, there is a little information I want to share that might be helpful to you.

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SEO Step by Step Tips From TemplatePanic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method to get visitors from search engine. It is a very important thing in internet marketing and blogging. Many people think that in order to get traffic from search engine you only need to submit your site or blog, and then you are done. Optimizing site for search engine is not only that. In fact, search engine optimization requires at least a modest time to be honestly flourished. Luckily, it’s an investment that rewards you generously when you know the actual right steps to do SEO. This is just a simple step by step SEO technique that you can follow for beginners.

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Holiday Season on TemplatePanic

This is a picture of The Plaza de Cibeles. It is one of Madrid’s most beautiful city squares. There are so many beautiful sceneries in Madrid Spain. There is a fountain with a statue of Cibele in the center of the plaza. Cibele is a Roman goddess. If you can see in the picture, the ornate white building on the south side of the plaza is the Palacio de Comunicaciones. The Plaza de Cibeles is one of many tourist attractions in the Del Prado district of Madrid Spain.

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