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Making Textured Backgrounds with Backdrop Designer

Textures are most commonly used for backgrounds in digital creations. If you are creating a block of graphic or text, then combining this with a suitable background can make it into more creative visualization. You can use the backdrop image to enhance your graphic design, photography, desktop template or powerpoint backgrounds. In this tutorial we will be producing a template background using backdrop designer plugin from With this plugin you can access a vast number of texture categories and the shadow presets. You can even alter the bend and distortion of the backgrounds, hue, saturation and blur.

  1. Create a new layer using layer->new->layer and name it ‘background’
  2. Choose filter -> Digital Anarchy -> Backdrop Designer to open the main filter window.
  3. Select your texture. You can choose a category from the left menu.
  4. Choose your shadow presets by click the load arrow button beside the shadow area of the screen. Click the tick icon to apply this shadow preset.
  5. You can also increase the depth of background by set bend effect.
  6. The last is, adjust the properties of both your texture and shadow in the edit menu. You can control the opacity value, brightness, contrast, level, blur to adjust the visibility of texture or shadow.

After all the steps are done, save your preset through the button with a cross on it in the top right of the screen. By doing this you can load and use it for the another projects by clicking the square button in the top right and opening the preset manager.

Tips On Buying Cymbals

So you are a drummer, and you need to choose what kind of cymbals you want. Before, you need to know what sound you are looking for. Every cymbal has a different characteristic of sound, you need to match them with your fellow band mates. Before choosing one, don’t be afraid to test it with solid drumsticks, not only tapping with your finger. A nice medium cymbal is a good start, making it easier to move up or down. Ride cymbal tend to be the ones that are relied on for the rhythm patterns, where as crashes should explode more to give a better accents. Try to look for your cymbals in different store because every store is different with the room and the salesperson, so you can get the feel how they sound. Try also to find them online like sabian cymbals at Musician’s Friend to get the best price before going to another places.

Equipment for DJ

This is the most question asked if someone want to be a DJ. What do you need to buy to start learning to be a DJ. If I can suggest you, don’t buy a DJ equipment set all in one because they are often very basic and you will have a problem when you want to upgrade them someday, unless you only want to try with nothing serious. The basic equipment for DJ are a DJ mixer, headphones and sound system with dj speakers. Never stop to learn and get advice from someone with experience who you trust.

Rehab Center for Alcohol Addiction

Talking about drug war and alcohol addiction, we need to take precaution because this problem is a society problem. As the people need to be aware of the danger of alcohol addiction, drug alcohol rehab treatment centers are also need to be provided. In many locations especially with the more people who have problem with alcohol addiction, this important facilities need to be there. Different people maybe need different treatment like in whittier rehab, it is not only good but it also give the right treatment for different people.

Eight Panel Drug Test

Government is at war with drug. No question at all that in our society, drug addiction including alcohol addiction is resulting bad work performa. It also often leads to violence and abuse which sometime happen in the family. Drug testing is important for every company. Not only big companies with a lot of workers, but bot employees and employers should free from drugs. Survey said that alcoholics are less productive and have a lot more percentage to work late and miss work. One of the best, accurate and rapid detect is by using 8 panel drug test at rapiddetect. It is a simple way to perform drug test.

Ibanez Guitar

Ability to play guitar seems to be a cool ability for men. It can make a romantic look especially in the eyes of women. Starting a guitar lesson is one first step. Try to find a good instructor for you. It doesn’t have to be the master or have an extraordinary skill, but with enough skill to teach for the beginner is fine. You also need to have a guitar instrument to play. For the beginner, ibanez seem to be the good choice because it is not only for beginner, but you can use it for long time as a good quality musical instrument.

Buying a pH Meter

A pH meter is an electronic device used for measuring the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of a liquid (though special probes are sometimes used to measure the pH of semi-solid substances). A typical pH meter consists of a special measuring probe (a glass electrode) connected to an electronic meter that measures and displays the pH reading. pH meters vary from affordable and easy pen-like devices to complex and expensive laboratory instruments with computer interfaces. Accuracy should be the first consideration when purchasing a pH meter. You want an accurate, easy to use instrument, but there’s you don’t need to pay several hundred dollars to have a good one. Consider to check for ph meters.