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Online Investing Game

Templatepanic investing game in stock marketThere are different model in getting earning online. Internet marketing like what I’m doing right now is not the only way of course. The other common way people make money using internet is by doing online trading. What I mean by online trading is investing money in stock market.

People used to invest in stock market online now. Some people say it is very risky like gambling but yet with the good experience and knowledge it can be learned. From what I know now, more people are doing this investing. Some get a lot of money and some even lost their money. But yet, more people interest in this type of business.

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TemplatePanic Home Office

templatepanic window blindA home office is always being my dream. Like many people now like to leave the office building and work from their home. When you set your home for office there is something that needs to be considered. The god environment of your working place can help the productivity.

I like to design and redesign my home office. Recently I just made some changes in my windows. It started when I got a nice Discount Blinds from a store in the internet. I believe a quality interior design supply doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometime you can find a quality material with a cheap price too.

Fast Insurance Quotes

insurance quotesFinding an insurance quote is something that needs to be considered carefully because many insurance companies set the different rates one another. Each company also has different guidelines in their terms and condition. To buy the right choice you need to compare different insurance quotation to compare. It is helpful to get the comparison via online. There is a website which helps customers to get quotation from different insurance company fast and easy. Travel insurance is also an important consideration if you plan to travel or go for a holiday.

Working with Laptop

working with laptopI am comfortable working with my Personal Computer (PC) at home, and when I got my new laptop as a prize for winning a competition, I’m kind of glad but I don’t use it so much at the beginning. The reason is because I keep all my working files and data in my desktop computer.

Recently I found the comfy of working with my laptop. It is because the mobile and its flexibility. Working in wherever we want is nice, especially if you are in the situation that make you wait for few hours with nothing to do.

Learning Via Internet

templatepanic - elearning video training and courses onlineExpanding yourself for a higher achievement is never ends. I believe that learning is a process that we never stop. No matter what job you have, working as an executive in a company, or work as a businessman or a business owner, there are always be areas that you can learn. What area or field you can learn is up to you. There are so many choices. You can be a master by sharpening the field that you are good at, or you can learn something that you never know before.

With this technology era now, the possibility to study any subject is even easier. There is a wide array of training or courses available.

I like to learn a new thing I admit, but once I learn and now about things that interests me, I tend to stop if it is not my field. I like to learn a new thing only for fun. I choose to learn and master what already is my specialty. That’s what I called sharpening the saw.

Learning and having training doesn’t have to be in a physical class. Actually now you can have them online via internet or what is called elearning. There are a lot of trainings and skills you can learn. One of the website that provides those kinds of trainings is K Alliance.

Sauvage Serpent Bikini Header Image

bikini header image
This time I choose bikini for header image theme. If you like to use it for your blog it is available for you to download.

Choosing a bikini may be is a hard decision to make for some people, but if you read this little tip below, it might help you.

Small Bust
Choose the swimsuit that accentuates your petite upper body. Top separated with under-wire or padding can maximize your bust

Large Bust
Choose suit with extra support. The bikini top with built in support will be perfect. Try to avoid suits with no support or little support like spaghetti straps.

Petite Body (short)
If you body is short the best suit is the one with a high cut bottom. It lengthens the look of your legs and also emphasizes your curves.

Tall Body
The on with embellishments and jewels at the hip line is best. Basically a leggy woman has the most options of suit.

Broad Shoulder
Draw attention away from your upper body. Play with something accentuates your bottom like the one with sporty bottom and prints.

Large Bottom
For this type of body, try to have skirted bikini bottoms. Choose the plain and solid fabrics, and you should draw attention to your top. It can be done by wearing v-neck with extra variations.

Hope this tip helps. The image above is Sauvage Serpent Bikini and taken from mollybrownsswimwear website.

Web Hosting Choice for March 2009

webhosting choice for youIt has been quite some time I don’t post a review about web hosting choice, so this is it. As an internet marketer, I don’t stay on one hosting place forever. A web hosting company may be good for today but it is not permanent. That’s why I made this update periodically.

Here it is the list of top ten web hosting, based on customer vote.

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