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Adding Social Bookmark Icon To Your Post

This plugins allows your reader to easily add your blog posts to their favourite social bookmarking websites.


*Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, or MovableType*

You can see the example how to use it below.

I Catch Blue

i catch blue wordpress theme

live demo | [download#156]

This theme is developed from “Simple Green Theme” by “Priss”: I added the *search bar* and *adjust/control font size by user* from “”:
If you are using Internet Explorer, the scrollbar’s color will be blue. With Firefox, the comment box’s color will be transparent when the mouse rolls over it.
If you have other suggestion for me, feel free to write comment in this section.

Colorful Feed Icon


The standart color for feed icon is orange. But if your blog theme does not match with orange, you can change the color by go to “”:

“Click here”: to see my blog with pink feed icon.

No One Give Me Comment

I’ve running this TemplatePanic blog for 45 days. Now I have almost 40 visitors per day. Still not good enought for me. But the most thing that made me sad is that no one give me comment about my blogspot templates (except my sister and brother ha ha…). Ok, maybe I need more visitors.
I really enjoy making template for blog, that’s why I need some input from you.