Easy and Powerful MP4 Converter

Small video file now is getting more and more important because of the limited storage in a gadget. It is true that the technology of compressing video file is getting better and better, and MP4 is one video format that has a high compression, so small file but high quality. MP4 file is the good choice for less space consumption. Most of portable device supports MP4 format, so it is becoming important that you can convert your video to MP4 format.

Most of my video file are in avi format. I need software to convert avi to mp4 so I can save my videos in my iPod, iPad, or other portable device and watch them with a good quality.

Video converter is a tool that can make you easier to save your videos in MP4 format. It is very simple and has a simple-designed interface so even the newbie will have no difficulty to use it. Just drag and drop your avi file or add your video you want to convert, choose MP4 as your output format, and start your conversion.

The easy steps that the software has to convert your video doesn’t make this software ability become less. You can still have many options for video setting like it rate, frame rate, resolution and many others. The good thing about MP4 format is fast, high resolution and small file size.

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