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Simple Tips for You

Are you a type of person who always struggle with your money and hardly find a way to stay out of debt? Here, I want to share some simple tips to handle money.

Establishing your budget

The most important step to do in handling the money is setting a budget for yourself and keep living with your budget. Set your budget to accommodate your daily life. It means if you get your salary monthly, you need to separate the budget for your bills and then live according to the rest of the money. It is also essential to provide extra saving for emergency needs.

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Choosing a Good Domain Name

When you want to start an online business, choosing a good domain name is a serious business. It is because a good domain name and easy to remember is very important as well as including the keyword.

When you plan to register a domain name, basically you start everything from scratch. Google tends to prevent new websites from appearing in its search engine for a few months or even longer. You have to build up your reputation in the web, get other webs to link to your domain and so on (Getting good inbound links is the key to search engine optimization). However, having said that, building a successful website from scratch often gives you great sense of satisfaction. You do not have to worry about the history of the website, anything about the previous owner and the transfer procedures. There are cheaters around, so you have to be careful.

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Get Best Wedding WordPress Theme

get best wedding wordpress theme

Live demo

This WordPress Theme is available to download for FREE, only for you who subscribe to this TemplatePanic blog. Features: Fixed width, three-column layout. Valid XHTML and valid CSS. This theme is also adsense ready.
Open this file from your Dashboard – Themes – Theme Editor:

  • ads-link_160x90.php
  • ads_160x600.php
  • ads_200x200.php
  • ads_468x60.php

and change the adsense ID with yours. The download link is available in TemplatePanic’s feed. Click on Download Your Free Template, and you’re done.

Planning to Sell Online Product

Almost two years developing TemplatePanic blog, I feel like I have to make innovation every time. As a famous quotation “If you stop making improvement, it means you are decreasing”. Following this, I am trying to make a development in my TemplatePanic blog.

After a while serving the readers by providing free blog templates, now I am thinking to make an online store. I began to do research to find the most suitable shopping cart software for my TemplatePanic online store.

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Starting Ecommerce for Your Business

For many businesses today, ecommerce is becoming the best solution, as many companies try to expand their market. It has advantages and benefits that can not be found in local or traditional business. This is the era of internet, and ecommerce offers efficiency, for it decreases the cost of distributing, storing, retrieving, creating and processing information. It also lowers printing and mailing cost, even in many cases it completely eliminates shipping cost. The next important thing is choosing the eCommerce software for your business.

If you have a business going on, you might consider moving your business online, so it allows you to be more flexible in targeting your market segmentation. It also allows you to focus on a select group of customers, thus having a competitive advantage in giving them what they want and satisfying unique needs.

Here is the list of the advantage of doing ecommerce business.
* Lowering the cost of marketing and promotional material.
* The flexibility to target market segmentation.
* Removing barriers of global trading.
* Zero cost delivery by internet.
* Reduce company inventory level as supplies are more predictable.

With that all advantages, considering your business to start ecommerce should be in every business owner’s mind. I am a home based small businessman, encouraging you to do so.

Personal Blog Just for Fun

Recently I just checked my ‘who is’ on my TemplatePanic domain. This domain creation date is 2006-06-15 It has been almost two years since I decided to make TemplatePanic. It is indeed I made this blog to get revenue by monetize it, so I had worked on it.

But there was a time when I feel tired and so stressful of my works. Especially with PHP codes in my blog template I am doing. That will be a time when we get out of our daily routine and take a break. That was the time when my TemplatePanic function as its second role, a place to put my sharing of experiences, feelings, thoughts, ideas even funny or silly things around me.

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How You Take Care of Your Parents

If you have a family who is getting old already, what will you do to show your love to him/her? Sending them to a “nursing home”: or just take care of them by your self? This is sometime a dilemma for some of us.

Well, for us Asian, usually taking care of parents at home is the way for us to show respect and dedication to our parents. Sending them to old folks home is sometime an abandon for them.

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