The Explorers Blog Template Header Image

the explorers blog template header image

Since when I was small I always admire map pictures especially the artistic ancient maps. This time I try to present to you my artwork. It is a header image, which you can use for your web site or blog template if you have any web site or blog related to map, journey, history or even your personal blog. I name it ‘The Explorers’, but feel free to use it and change the title as you want. I plan to provide the photoshop layered file available to download if many of you are interested.

The development of map now has been growing so much, especially with computer technology, people is starting to develop many kinds of map digitally. I have a digital map of my city where I live. It helps me sometime to find an exact location in the city.

There are so many maps now created digitally. It is available in any platform you want, whether it is an interactive flash map, interactive map, or web based map.

The nice thing about digital map especially if it is made using Flash is, it can be zoomed as big as you want without ‘cracking’ or loosing resolution. It is also very customizable. You can change colors, text and even can put link on it or note.