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If you are an interior designer, owner of an online interior store or at least has interest in interior design, it is worth to try creating a web log about interior design. Here is a sample of image for an interior design related web site. If you are interested and feel like you want to use for your personal blog, feel free to save it and modify according to your need.

Talking about interior design, having an activity or working in a room which is not ‘well-designed’ for some people might make big difference. Imagine you are a professional, doing your job in a dull and boring working place. The decoration of our place without our conscious can affect our working performance.

A nice carpet, comfortable workstation in room with enough light, a window on your side with vertical or horizontal blinds may elevate the energy and spirit.

For me, even though interior design is a little bit costly, it is worth to think about in order to make our working place comfortable. It doesn’t have to be the best and expensive materials to put in our working place to lift up our energy. Even the changes of furniture position can make a difference.

Do think about it. Making your space comfortable can help you to maximize your spirit.

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