Elegant Example from IT Company Web Site

IT consulting web design sample

This is a screenshot of NY IT Services, an IT consulting company. Well, if you ask me about the design, personally I like it. This website design is elegant, especially with the thin gray lines variation. The contrast of blue header and the logo, combined with a little colored variation stripes below the header make it more professional looks.

If you go to another page in the menu, you will find that every section has a different header with different main color. The images for the headers are also changing. It makes the visitor to be well navigated because it helps them to realize where they are at now.

In the business word now, all sectors seem like need computer technology to keep their business running. The IT service companies like I Corps Technology give a service to their clients, ensuring that their technology drives their business success.

Basically this company has these IT services: Network Integration, Business Application Development, Web-Based Solutions, Support and Corporate Relocations.

This is just an example of an IT service company with very full services available. The design of the template is inspirational if you want to make a website looks professional. TemplatePanic always try to make quality website and blog template design available to download.

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