Unlimited Bandwidth

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Unlimited Bandwidth

I know many hosting company offer unlimited bandwidth. It is not true because the hosting company pays every bandwidth they provide. There must be additional cost for additional bandwidth they provide. It is not free, so there is no way if they offer unlimited bandwidth.

If your site has a ton of visitors per day, at some point you will have a problem with your hosting. It means your site will be creating a fairly hefty load on the server. What I want to say here is, if you have a big bandwidth site you better think about moving your site to a dedicated server, instead of shared hosting.

Bandwidth Throttling and Load Balancing
It is important to ascertain whether your host will decrease the availability of your bandwidth based on server activity. This isn’t a decrease in your quota itself, but a “slowing” down of how fast this bandwidth can be used. Bandwidth throttling can result in your entire web site being slow to load. Excess throttling can mean that some of your visitors may not be able to access the site.

May this article help you to open your mind about hosting and bandwidth. Beside talking about web design and blog templates, TemplatePanic is also trying to give information about webhosting.

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