Advantages of Free Blogging Services

Are you new to blogging? People often ask me about how to start from the very beginning. Should I buy my own domain and look for a paid Web Hosting service to start blogging or just sign up for an account in a site that offer free blogging service. Well, there are two kinds depend on what your aim in the future. Here below are the advantages and disadvantages between those two.

The advantages of free blogging service:
It is easy to set up. You even no need to set up. Just sign up for a free account and your blog is ready to go.
Free blogging services are usually easy to use.
They are completely free, no need to pay for a domain name and hosting service.

The disadvantages:
The features to customize your blog are usually limited. You have to follow the terms and conditions of service from the company which provides the free blog service.
The URL is not as good as your own domain. Usually you will get while with your own domain you can have
It looks less professional.

But whatever you choose is depend on what your purpose in making a blog. Which one is better is according to you.

Here are the sites that provide the free blog service:
Wordpress, Blogger, Blogsome, Lifejournal and much more.

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