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About Counter Strike Game

Published on December 1, 2008

Counter Strike is a popular first person shooting game originally produced by Half-life. The first time I know this game was in the year 2000 when multiplayer game was still rare. I was playing with my friend with a great excitement one on one. For those who don’t know about this game, Counter Strike is a shooting game, categorize as first person viewing game. It…

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Web hosting can be defined as renting space in the World Wide Web. A website is a bunch of files that linked together by HTML code to display text and graphics through a browser in a computer. However, a website cannot b e accessed by other people through the internet unless it is hosted in an online server. A web server is a computer that…

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The Famous UGG Boots

Published on November 29, 2008

Boots are footwear fashion that has been worn for ages. Recently I just got a job that requires me to study about a kind of boots, it is called UGG boots. It is a stylish boot made of sheepskin, with wool as the inner lining and a tanned outer surface. UGG boots are worn by both men and women. The original UGG boots were from…

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What Makes Original Watches Different

Published on November 27, 2008

If you search on the internet for Rolex watches, Omega watches or Tag Heuer Watches, most of the results are websites which offer fake or replica watches. It is not because they are fake and has bad quality, but actually the sales of replica watches is hundred times than the original one. The fake watches are available in various grades. There are also the good…

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What is Your Plan for This Christmas?

Published on November 23, 2008

It is almost Christmas again. I just want to share about what I usually do at Christmas and hopefully this can inspire you. The easiest thing I do usually is changing my desktop wallpaper with Christmas theme wallpaper. It makes me feel more Christmas. The image above is my example of Christmas wallpaper I use for my computer this year. You can download it too….

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ClickBooth an Alternative CPA Network

Published on November 22, 2008

If you are an internet marketer, maybe you already know about Amazon and CJ. I have been doing affiliate marketing with them for quite some time, and the result is just okay for me. For about these past three months I have known ClickBooth CPA Network as an alternative beside Amazon and CJ. I found out that CPA is more interesting because most of affiliate…

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Webinars and Online Conferences

Published on November 20, 2008

As an internet marketer maybe the words web conference is familiar for you. While developing TemplatePanic, doing internet marketing and having a learning community, I also doing a web conference once in a while. Web conference is an efficient way doing a meeting. If few years ago we have to travel to another place to meet someone to accomplish certain job, with web conference it…

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