What is Your Plan for This Christmas?

It is almost Christmas again. I just want to share about what I usually do at Christmas and hopefully this can inspire you.

The easiest thing I do usually is changing my desktop wallpaper with Christmas theme wallpaper. It makes me feel more Christmas. The image above is my example of Christmas wallpaper I use for my computer this year. You can download it too. It is free. This wallpaper is not made by me but the author is unknown and I believe it is free to distribute.

Another thing I do on Christmas is finding inexpensive Christmas gifts. The most common gift is gourmet Christmas gift basket since it suites any age, gender, and preference.

Doing a Christmas shopping can be done at the mall or via online. There are lots of things to see. For me just browsing around and only buy what I need is just fun enough.

I am a template maker. Of course I also plan to make a new WordPress theme and Blogspot template about Christmas.

The most important thing to do at Christmas time is understand the true meaning of Christmas itself. Jesus Christ is born on Christmas day, become human like us in order to save all people from sin. This is the most important thing, more than just doing Christmas decoration and setting up a Christmas tree.

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