The Famous UGG Boots

Boots are footwear fashion that has been worn for ages. Recently I just got a job that requires me to study about a kind of boots, it is called UGG boots. It is a stylish boot made of sheepskin, with wool as the inner lining and a tanned outer surface. UGG boots are worn by both men and women. The original UGG boots were from Australia, and it has been an Australian icon for over 100 years. Now as a result of globalization they are produced by American factories.

UGG boots are different with usual boots. They are made for comfort and style too. UGG boots are so comfortable due to the somewhat astounding natural properties of sheepskin. It is like a natural air conditioning effect. It has a very soft to touch and absorb odors. The Sheepskin used in traditional UGG boots is comparatively cheap, easy to source but still quite warm.

Different with working boots, UGG boots are not waterproof. They are not a heavy duty boots that can be use to get wet. They can be described as water resistant though, because the material is natural and durable. But being wet for too long can damage them.

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