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Monitoring Ping

templatepanic website monitoringAs a webmaster or someone who work in e-commerce business, you might experience with server down time. Actually no web hosting can guarantee for 100% uptime. That means 365 days a year and 24 hours a day without down time. Most of reasonable web hosting offer only 99% uptime guarantee. Uptime is very important for a server. Actually for a big IT company, down time can causes a big loss. A statistic says that approximately the average uptime of servers in the worldwide is 99.41%. It means that every year each site may be down as much as 52 hours.

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Graphic Design I like

templatepanic graphic design I likeI love graphic design and artworks. Graphic design is an art of visual way to communicate, through pictures, images and typography. Graphic design can be found everywhere in our environment today. It is used in the printed media like brochures, magazines, newsletters, invitations, posters, stationeries, and newspapers, or it can be in websites or any other media. For me, everything needs design.

Although I use graphic design mostly for web design and making web templates and blog templates, I also make graphic design for t-shirts, stickers and sometime for printed media and company logos.

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Learning IT in Many Ways

templatepanic onlne computer classContinuing my last post about having a computer skill for your job, there are lots of ways in learning computer. Having a computer skill is necessity but more over the computer skill in a certain area like programming, 3d and animation, office, database, scripting or computer graphic related is also needed according to the area you are working at.

Learning computer (IT) can be done in many ways you can choose which one is the best. The cheapest is learning by your self through various resources. This of course requires your independence and discipline because although this is the most flexible way to learn, this requires the most discipline.

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Computer Skill is an Asset

templatepanic computer learningToday, computer is a must gadget in every house, although maybe not everyone has internet connection, computer these days is like an important need for everyone. In present day, the children at school already get a computer lesson at school. This advancing technology causes a new tendency that everyone should be able to use computer. It is already becoming that people who don’t know about computer or can not use find a difficulty in getting a good job in competing with people who can.

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Rome Panorama Header Image

templatepanic romaclick website
Among all hotel website, there is one that I really like the design. This is the screenshot of the website. It’s about Rome hotels. This site is really a commercial site which is selling hotel rooms, apartments and Rome Tours and Shore Excursions. The template is considered simple but very organized.

I like the color theme which is a combination of black and red-orange. It makes the appearance bright but yet strong and bold. There is a texture for its background like an old textured wall. Talking about Rome that has many extraordinary artistic ancient buildings it brings that feeling to this web template. This web template is not made by me, but for me, a template maker, this template gives me inspiration to make the similar template like this.

rome panorama header image
Right now, I already have a panorama photo of Rome from i2i production. This panorama Photo of Rome was taken 8 frames and combined as a montage. The result is incredible panorama photo of Rome.

I’m using this to make a header image for alternative website header for this Rome hotels website. It is in size 950 pixels length, I made it according to the original website, but I made it 250 pixels height. You can use it as well as you like, crop it as necessary and I hope you enjoy it as you enjoy the panorama as well.

CCNA Online Training

templatepanic certification CCNAFew years ago I was working for a local internet service provider company. Because my division is related to art, graphic design and contents, I didn’t involve so much about technical things. I still remember that it was the first time I heard about Cisco. Some of my technician friends were learning and struggling with that Cisco thing.

I just know that Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a certification. It gives the certification to the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size route and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN. This certification is required for those who want a career in this area. From its original source, Cisco provides training and now the updated CCIE Routing and Switching certification (version 4.0) features new certification standards that reflect the job skills employers are looking for at the expert level.

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Gong Tingsha Cymbals Header Image

blog header image desing from TemplatePanic- traditional header
For those of you who like traditional and antique items, this time I specially mad this blog header design for you. This header image is inspired by a friend of mine who is a Tibetan Buddhist. As usual I made this header image in size 900 pixels x 250 pixels. But because of the image composition I made, you can crop to whatever size you want. It is suitable for a blog about traditional and antique or cultural blog too.

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