About Counter Strike Game

Counter Strike is a popular first person shooting game originally produced by Half-life. The first time I know this game was in the year 2000 when multiplayer game was still rare. I was playing with my friend with a great excitement one on one.

For those who don’t know about this game, Counter Strike is a shooting game, categorize as first person viewing game. It is a tactical multiplayer game. The players are divided into two teams, terrorist and counter terrorist. The objective of this game is to complete the mission (rescue the hostages, disarm the bomb, etc) or take out all the enemies.

Within few month this game become more and more famous and so many fans. I still remember that every time I went to a multiplayer game center, almost all of the people play Counter Strike. The point system was also good because it can record the statistic of each individual player and determine the rank, which make it more exciting.

Counter Strike become more and more popular and the game was expanded with the other following series that had been released. Counter Strike: Condition Zero and Counter Strike: Source were released in 2004. The series were made for the completion of the original one. Now it has new AI so the counter strike bot is better for the game.

Counter Stirike: Condition Zero has a better man and texture effects too. There are some maps made by Turtle Rock Studio, a third party which works together for Counter Strike for Xbox version.

This time I try to give a downloadable stuff, Counter Strike wallpaper. It is available in 1600 x 1200 pixels so hopefully it fits to every screen resolution.

The other interesting thing about Counter Strike is also the outfit. Some people also a fan of this game because of its military clothing. There are several uniform, weapons and military gadgets in this game. Back to the story of my friend, he also likes to buy stuff like Tactical Pants, military jacket and clothes. They are very awesome.

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