ClickBooth an Alternative CPA Network

If you are an internet marketer, maybe you already know about Amazon and CJ. I have been doing affiliate marketing with them for quite some time, and the result is just okay for me. For about these past three months I have known ClickBooth CPA Network as an alternative beside Amazon and CJ. I found out that CPA is more interesting because most of affiliate marketing only pay for sales that made.

CPA stands for Cost per Action. We got paid for certain action that the customer do. It could be a sale or lead. The more I study this CPA network I found out that this program is more interesting.

The good things of ClickBooth as a CPA Network is it is not only offer revenue from the program but it also has ‘education programs’ for its members.

Clickbooth Blog is the place where we can find the latest news about advertisers, awards, company updates, trends and many other things.

Another good thing about ClickBooth is it also provides free webinars. This kind of program is useful for internet marketers. One of the great webinars available is entitled Clickbooth Affiliate Marketing Mastery With Tracking See it yourself by visiting Clickbooth Blog.