Web Security and Monitor

templatepanic web monitoringIf you are a boss or supervisor working in an IT company, all the staffs of the company are using the internet for doing their office works. But the problem is working with computer especially with internet access could cause un-effective working hour. There is a huge possibility that the staffs are using the internet for browsing and downloading for other purpose than office works. There was a research by IDC that found result that employees use internet access in their office up to 40% for non work related. It is called a leak. Therefore you need a tool that enables you to have complete web monitoring and internet access control to monitor employees’ web browsing activities and to ensure that any files downloaded are free of viruses and other malware.

The use of web monitoring software is also for protecting your children from accessing restricted contents while they use internet access at home. One product for this purpose is GFI WebMonitor 2009. It enables you to monitor what files the employee’s computer are downloading, blocking file types like mp3s and other specific types of files, scan all files for viruses, spyware and malware using multiple anti virus engines. It will help to increase productivity of all staffs.

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