Gong Tingsha Cymbals Header Image

blog header image desing from TemplatePanic- traditional header
For those of you who like traditional and antique items, this time I specially mad this blog header design for you. This header image is inspired by a friend of mine who is a Tibetan Buddhist. As usual I made this header image in size 900 pixels x 250 pixels. But because of the image composition I made, you can crop to whatever size you want. It is suitable for a blog about traditional and antique or cultural blog too.

There is a well known mantra of Tibetan Buddhist. It says like this: “Om Mani Padme Hum.” The Tibetan Buddhist believes that repeating this mantra accumulates merit and eases negative karma; meditating upon it is believed to purify the mind and body.

The object in the image above is called Om Mani Padme Hum Tibetan Gongs Tingsha Cymbals. Usually it used to mark the beginning and the end of meditation. They are also used by a Buddhist master to bring a student back into focus when his mind wanders during meditation.

I will try to make more header images for blogs for different topics. If any of you have another suggestion, I would like to consider it.

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