Web Hosting for Templatepanic

templatepanic - best web hostingIt has been almost three years I have this Templatepanic domain. At the beginning I was started by a free web hosting, which is actually not free. My brother bought a reseller web hosting and share some space for me for free. As we continue to develop TemplatePanic, we moved from one web hosting to another until finally we bought a web hosting which can host unlimited number of domains and with a big capacity. At that time we think that this web hosting should be sufficient at least for a long time.

It seems like things didn’t happen as we expected. In the last few months our traffic is increasing until 1000 unique visitors per day only in one website, not including another website. I also have another one with 2000 unique visitors per day. It started to happen that the server was down for few hours, and it happened so many times. We tried to consult the web hosting and the answer seemed to be the heavy load on the server.

The web hosting for internet marketer is a vital thing. We hope to find the best web hosting for our sites. Even though at the beginning the price seems like the most important thing to decide in choosing web hosting, when your site is growing big, the slight difference of price doesn’t matter. Quality is the most important thing.

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