Scentsy, Candle Bar with Fragrance

Scentsy is stronger and longer lasting than other candles on the market. Recently I have a web design client with a website about this product. When I search in the internet, Scentsy is more famous of its business than the product itself. It is a candle bar with fragrance with many kind of fragrance, long lasting, leadless, wickless, flameless and smokeless. Basically this product makes perfect scents.

Scentsy warmer with electric warmer is heated by 25 watt light bulb, very practical for home use.

Basically Scentsy products are categorized into few things. Scentsy bars, Room sprays and car candles which is designed to be taken everywhere, Scensy bricks which can be shared like chocolate bar, Scentsy warmers which is designed for wax pool. It throws the maximum amount of fragrance over the longest period of time. It is also available in many choices to fit the décor of the house. While the new type of Scentsy is Scentsy plug-in warmers. Designed for small spaces and very practical in use. Jus plug it into the electricity and it will work.

Beside the product that I think is very unique and interesting, Scentsy has the other interesting side, the business. If you have an entrepreneur instinct this could be a great business for you. Becoming a Scensy Consultant looks interesting. Wanna try?

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