How Reliable is Your Server Uptime

It has been few times I think that I talked about how to choose a good web hosting service. One of the important factors is the uptime guarantee of the web hosting service. Recently I was browsing in the internet and found something interesting related to that.

Monitoring Server Software is a tool to monitor your server uptime. Most of the hosting companies give guarantee of their uptime server. It is true that no hosting company give a 100% uptime. Normally they said just between 95% but below 100% (most of them said 99% server uptime), as far as I know. Normally we just believe and trust the hosting company because we don’t know when the server is down. We don’t watch it 20 hour tough.

Using this tool, we can monitor the uptime of our hosting server. This is a website monitoring service that checks your website or blog at regular intervals and notifies you if it becomes unavailable. Basically this tool is for all of you, if you are running a website or blog.

The most interesting point of this tool is you can sign up for account for free. So, make sure that you got what you pay for. This tool helps you to find the truth about your website uptime.

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