Devine Shield World of Warcraft Header Image

Few months ago I just made a WordPress blog template themed WOW (World of Warcraft). It was very popular that time, and still it is now. So many people are playing it now and it tends to get more and more new players.

Well, I am a graphic designer which loves to play games too. I am excited to bring to you an upgrade of the theme I gave it last time. As you are all World of Warcraft players know, Divine shield is one of the cool skill of the paladin. This time I pick the divine shield picture as a header image for you.

This header contents two images: top.jpg and banner.jpg. Make sure to download them both. Just use right click on the image and save to your computer.

This time there are plenty of sites that offer guides for World of Warcraft. While leveling in this game is an important thing to do, yet there are so many e-books out there offers leveling tutorials. The quality leveling guides are rare and hard to find. Most of the guides even the expensive one contents only the regular way to level up your character.

The easy way to get a high level instantly maybe is by buying cheap wow accounts from internet. Happy playing!

Download link :

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