LiveJournal Template

After a few years providing a free blogger templates and WordPress themes, I began to look for another blog engine template to be learned and if possible to provide more templates to download for free. One of blog engine/blog script that I consider is Live Journal.

LiveJournal is another open source or blogging script where internet users can write and post their blogpost, journal or sometime diary. LiveJournal was started in March 1999 by Brad Fitzpatrick as a way of keeping his high school friends updated on his activities. In January 2005, blogging software company Six Apart purchased Danga Interactive, the company that operated LiveJournal, from Fitzpatrick.

Pretty much the same with another blogscript, LiveJournal (which sometime abbreviated LJ) shows all the blogger’s most recent post entries and also allows the comments left by other users.

Recently I just found a good website which is using LiveJournal, called LTY Designs. It is a graphic resource website which makes me interested of course. This web is owned by Olivia, which I think is very cute. She provides quite complete features in her blog. It has products to download, portfolio, news and even shop. What makes me think that it is interesting is, this site also provide LiveJournal template. It’s a personal blog which is growing from a small basic personal blog to a company that makes money.

Will TemplatePanic provide LiveJournal template in the future? Well, let’s see.

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