Our Advancing World of Gadgets

“Gadgets”:http://www.b5network.com/ have been contributing a great help in human life. Recently, we can hear news about the development and invention of new gadgets almost everyday. We must admit that our life can not be separated from them.

Digital cameras now give a better quality pictures, some of them are better than analog. Canon stops their development for camera with film, now they completely focusing on digital camera.

DVD now is taking over VCR. They offer the better quality of video and smaller machine. The design is also advancing to the newer model every time.

The most consistent progress that always happens is the mobile phone or cell phone. This handheld gadget nowadays is not offering communication service. More than reaching people anywhere, it can also used to browse the internet, play music and videos, give directions, taking picture and video, voice recorder and much more.

Where does the invention come from? How can people invent such kind of ideas? Or in simple way, how can people be this creative? There are two things to consider how to spark your idea.

Start with what is there.
Look everything around you, and look at the invention that is already there. Think how to improve it, fix it or replace it with a better one.

Start with what irritates you.
What irritates you? When you think about the things that irritates you, you will come up with ideas how to overcome it, and here it is. Your original ideas!