Adding a Live Chat Room in Your Website

When I was the first time to know internet, one thing that I like the most was chatting. I like to chat, have friend from many other countries especially, in “teen chat rooms”: With the advancing technology and the more I grew up, I found a lot more interesting things other than just a chat, like blogging and making money of course.

Forgetting about chat room and making friends for a while and concentrating in blogging and learning scripts sometime makes me bored and want to go back in having fun again. While indeed, as an internet marketer (many people said) we are also chat but with a different purpose. If many teenager use the chat room for having fun and making friends, internet marketer use chat room for customer support or technical support.

But may be sometime you want to add to your website a chat room facility. It will make your website more interesting and there is a possibility it will increase the visitors.

I did a search on the internet the plug in or widget to add a live chat room to a website, and found widgetbox webchattr. It has an interesting feature, adding your own real-time chat room, anywhere and any time you need one.

Here are the features :
* All rooms are optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch, and slower data connectivity (EDGE)
* Chat online with multiple friends instead of TXTing one person at a time.
* Rooms are easy to create with a simple web address: .
* Bookmark a room’s web address and give it to all your friends.
* Participate in up to 5 chat rooms at the same time.

Happy blogging.

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