Joining Online Auction

Beside blogging, making money online, getting earning from publishing ads or selling downloadable products, there is also another way to ‘use’ internet, online auction.

There are a many famous websites of online auction like E-Bay or “eBid Online Auctions”: All of them offer interesting features with their specific advantages. Participating in online auction could be a lot of fun. Both you are as a seller or a buyer, they are interesting.

If you are the seller:
Try to look for unneeded item in your house. Instead of holding a yard sale, you might get more income from online auction. Describe your merchandise accurately. Even it is better to sell things in good condition, it is better to be honest about what you are going to sell. It will affect your rating for future sell. Don’t forget to state your shipping and refund policy at front.

If you are the buyer:
When you bid, it is better to discuss with the seller about the shipping and handling fee if it is not shown. Better you know it clearly in front. It is also important to see the seller’s feedback on their past. Does he have a good reputation?
If you find an item that you like but it is at high price, check the seller’s other auctions. Some seller offer the same item many times. You can wait and get the better deal in his next auction if you are lucky.
Ensure that the item is in the proper condition. If you fell you want to know more about the detail of the item, do not hesitate to ask.

Follow that simple tips and you will get better and better in participating an online auctions.