How Much is Your Inkjet Printer Cost?

As a graphic designer, printer and scanner is a necessary gadget to have. When you decide to buy a printer, you probably compare the price of different printers from different brand. Well, even it is necessary to consider the price of the type specification and brands, it is wiser if you think far ahead.

Like buying a car, despite of getting a good price for a car, you wouldn’t buy it if you know that the cost of maintenance and fuel consumption for one year is more than the car itself.

If you look carefully when you buy an inkjet printer, you have to understand that you will have to pay more for your inkjet cartridge or tanks the printer holds. You may have to spend for the inkjet paper sometime. This is absolutely true, because for some inkjet printer, the cost of “ink cartridges”: is almost the same with the printer itself.

The point is this. Even though the cost of buying an inkjet printer is relatively cheap, you need to consider how many pages you can get for one cartridge. Do think about other alternative. May be it is the time for you to find a cheaper “ink cartridges”: with a good quality.