Buying My First House

Doing internet business for two years until now, God has been blessing me so much. It seems like this business is really suitable for me, and my wife. In term of earning, my life now is change, and we are able to buy things that we would think twice to buy it before. After we think that my financial condition is settle enough, we began to think that it is a time to consider buying our own house after few years renting.

First we made two lists of what kind of house we want. The first list is the important item we really want like the location, how many rooms we want, how big is the house, etc. The second list is the things we would like to have but it is not absolutely necessary, like the additional room for library, music room, how is the “windows and doors”: we want, the garden etc.

I believe the list is helping us to be more focus in order to get the house. We started to meet the real estate agents, survey the locations and keep thinking about how to raise our budget.

I keep thinking to myself, how God bless us with good things. We believe that in the near future we will make an offer to a house we really like.