Fun Way to Increase Your Traffic

Templatepanic blog template - traffic from battle of blogsWhen we set up a business or just make a website or blog, mostly the number one goal is getting visitors or sometime we call it web traffic. Of course as internet marketer or blogger there are ways to increase the traffic of our blog.

Usually people do common stuff like article submitting, traffic exchange sites, make posts in forums or even with classified ads.

Recently I just found a site that I think interesting, called Battle of Blogs. It is a site that helps you to gain traffic for your blog but in a fun way. It is like a game battling the other blogs. The idea is to keep your blog in the list by getting as many points as you can. The more point you get, it will make the blog stay there in a longer period. The link will never stay there for lifetime. There are weekly, monthly and yearly races you can participate to collect more points. Winning one of the races will make the blog stay longer in the list.

How does it bring traffic? By placing a link and a description of the blog in Battle of Blogs you increase the chance to get new readers. By showing the description there the other participant blog can see and be your reader if they find your description interests them.

This site will also increase your rank in search engines because Battle of Blogs is a gateway to many blogs, the search engine will find this as a very relevant blog site.