Ponta dos Ganchos

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Do you ever dream of going to a place where you can be alone with someone you like where you can disappear or hide away from business or get away from daily boring routine? If you do and you would like to spend some time during holiday or just few days or weeks of your time to have a wonderful experience, maybe Ponta dos Ganchos Luxury Beach Resort Brazil is one of the good alternative.

It is a resort in Brazil which has calm bay and emerald green water lie a very special peninsula. This place is perfect for honeymoon, or just getting out from routine activity. This is a perfect beach resort that isolated from everything and surrounded by nature on all sides. There is a small and beautiful beach that perfect for resting in the sun during the day. And as the afternoon fades, the sunset over the bay just make the day perfect.

The restaurant facility is also wonderful. It serves Brazil’s finest cuisine presented by top Brazilian chefs. Basically enjoying time here is like being in the middle of nowhere. But don’t be mistaken. There are also other facility like tennis court, gym, indoor pool and another sport facility. It also has private cinema.