Exciting Plan

Let me share with you about what behind this TemplatePanic blog. TemplatePanic is owned by us, a couple of newly married couple, which is actually not newly married anymore. We got married on April 2005. It has been three years now. We do plan for having a baby. My wife had miscarried three months ago, on January. It was very dark and disappointed time indeed, but the time to grief has ended. This is the time to have a new plan again.

Even though we still planning, we try our best to get as many information as we can about what will be needed when we have a baby. We began to collect information about baby foods, “baby clothes”:http://www.beyond-bedding.com/baby-clothes.html and health articles about planning to have a kid and the health for the mother during pregnancy.

Well may be some say it is too early, but we do it anyway, because it is fun and exciting!

There are some events in our life, in our marriage that will bring some joy and beautiful memories like the day when we welcome a new life, a new baby born to be part of our family.

There were some points in our marriage journey when we had to loose something or someone we love, like what happened three months ago. It made our heart broke, and the sad feelings seemed to be never ends, but we believe somehow, that our God still give us the best for us, and it is worth to hope and wait.