Making Web 2.0 Work for You

If you are a web developer, you must be familiar with the word Web 2.0, the famous thing people talk about recently. Web 2.0 basically is a next generation of the web, which allows you to make collaboration, community and sharing. These days there are so many websites in the internet offer services related to teamwork.

The advantage of using this kind of services is we are no longer work individually, but more like teamwork which can collaborate in doing the project whether in small business or big company.

The very thing that make web 2.0 special is the ability to share. There are so many example in sharing the content via web. Blogs, communities, social bookmarkings, and many others are the allowing people to share content in the internet.

Collaboration is something important these days. People are no longer working individually, but they work together in a team.

Games and fun application are also available. So many fun things in web 2.0 are fun, like sharing site, scrapblog and community games like second life.

This web 2.0 makes us easier in communicating with people via forums and many communities like myspace and facebook.

Services that enable you to organize and collaborate in doing projects or business are also can be found. It helps you to do the management for professional services like web design, marketing, architects etc. It is also very useful for larger organizations and yet the fee usually cheap. “DeskAway: Organize, Manage & Track Your Projects”:, is the good example of service which provide this kind of services.

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