Graphic artists or at least people who like design might be spend hours, even days or weeks to create the perfect company image through logo, packaging or even the uniform that they are going to use. Thinking big about the future of TemplatePanic, I also want to be there sometime. TemplatePanic, as a provider of blog templates, wordpress themes and web development blog, the image of the company can be various.

Beside designing logo, in my free time I was looking for a uniform that might be fit for TemplatePanic as a private company that provide service for its members. The first thing that appears in my mind was “western wear, western shirts”:, or just usual T-shirt with some logo design on it.

Although I like western wear, the production might be a little bit difficult for me. So as a start, the T-shirt with a screen printing might be the best choice for me. Well, I might not use it as a uniform of a company, but at least I plan to make a nice custom design that has a ‘TemplatePanic’ style on it.

The advantage of having an own design is to help promoting the website, so more visitor can come to the website. The result of this ‘offline’ advertising might be not as effective as online advertising, but it still help you to build the brand image of the website. Beside that, I really like this because it’s cool (LOL).