Collaboration Instead of Individual

In doing development of this TemplatePanic website, I often go to a cafe, spending time alone doing my template designing and coding while enjoying a cup of cappuccino. People might see that I’m working alone, actually I am not.

Working with collaboration is like having an office without walls. In this internet era, people can sit on the grass outside while still get connected with their fellows working in a team. That is the beauty of internet.

“Springloops”:, a unique tool of source code management which is focusing on web development is a good example of this concept. This is the tool which makes the collaboration possible. It is centralized in servers where all the data of the project is being processed. All of the team might work separately. Updating, revising, coding, creating a working copy and the tester, all connected and deploy their work, upload their revision to a certain server and all the teammate can work more efficiently and get rapid collaboration.

As you can see, by using this method, you can be very beneficial to keeping documents you share in your office and with clients organized and up-to-date. With the implementation of collaboration, you can create an office without walls and without bounds with regards to productivity and organization, especially with the getting things done attitude. All that remains is for you to go get it, and get it implemented!

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