Just wanna share a little bit about myself, I am not a graduated student from graphic design. Actually my major was architecture, but I love graphic design. And here I am. I’m a graphic designer now :).

Looking at professional design companies like Sam-design from Indonesia and “web design in Essex”:http://www.realworksmedia.com in United Kingdom, I am trying to be more and more professional too. These are some simple knowledge for you who are not studying graphic design or web design formally. Creating a good graphic design is not just trying to be ‘looks good’ but there are some aspects to consider.

Balance is the distribution of the heavy and the light elements in your layout.

In this, we are not talking only about color. There are also contrast in sizes, shapes and textures. It is how you attract your audience by the difference of shapes, sizes, or images and text.

You attract people’s eye by emphasizing something in your design. By emphasizing certain element in your design, you make it important.

Like music, rhythm in your design is a repetition. By being consistent, you can make your audience easier to understand and it helps human brain to recognize the pattern.

This is the method of keeping the same elements in one group and keeping the different element in another group.

Hopefully this small knowledge useful to you.