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Software for Your Digital Images

Published on February 17, 2008

If you are new in digital photography, you may be wondering about which digital camera is best for you. While digital camere is really an aspect, but don’t forget that there is another element beside choosing digital camera. It is your software to clean up, edit, categorize and even protect your digital photos. Here are some photo software available in the market you might need.

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Web Hosting to Consider

Published on February 15, 2008

Looking for a cheap, professional and reliable web hosting company? Here ara “Web Hosting Reviews”: by TemplatePanic. All hosting plans listed below cost under $10 a month, and all of them include minimum one free domain name registration and 30 days money back guarantee. The list below is the review for 2007. Most of them are still applied now.

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How to Make a Great Website Instantly

Published on February 15, 2008

There are two option to make a website if you are not a web designer :

*Hiring someone (web designer) to build a website for you*, which is of course will cost expensive, if the price is cheaper it may be at less quality or inexperienced web designers. Or you may also…

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Tips Choosing a Commercial Web Host

Published on February 14, 2008

There is another factor you should consider when choosing a “web hosting”: beside speed, bandwidth, disk space, and technical support. I listed 6 items here.

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Flower for your Valentine

Published on February 10, 2008

And as the custom became established, so did the traditions of St Valentine’s Day. In the 21st Century, when we think of St Valentine’s Day we usually think of cards, roses and perhaps chocolates or exotic lingerie, but it was not always so. In particular because until the 19th Century people were in general poor and they had little means of buying gifts for their sweetheart, so various other ways of declaring love had to be found.

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Starcraft 2 WordPress Theme

Published on February 5, 2008

Starcraft II WordPress Theme features 2 columns layout, designed for 1024×768 or higher screen resolution. Top navigation menu, widget ready, tested in Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari, and tested in newest Wordpress version 2.3.2.

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