Private Parking Space for Your Car

Developing TemplatePanic for providing quality web blog templates and blogging tutorial never stop my car hobby. Recently in my area where I live, the rate of crime, especially when you park your car is a little bit concerning. Few cases happened recently in certain area.

Theft and vandalism often happen when the private garage is not feasible. It often happened especially to the expensive cars. Basically, underground parking area or multi-story parking area should be avoided. It is a breeding ground for crime and vandalism. If there is no other choice, limiting entry points and providing a locked gates can be done to give more safety.

Beside vandalism, the other crimes might happen in the parking area are robbery, assault and rape. To prevent this, the car parking should be equipped with direct access to the entrance of the house.

The parking area should be bright enough, clearly identifiable, and could be watched from the house. If it is possible make sure you also can watch the access from the house to parking area.

If the area is considered a high-crime area, it is necessary to put some surveillance cameras on particular spots. Some more advanced technology like infra red censors or body heat detectors can be used.

There are also companies which provide “parking for rent”:, to ensure the safety of your car. The prices are considerably cheaper and relatively safer.

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