Protect My Private Digital Pictures

As a web designer, I have collection of digital photos stored in my computer hard drive. Some of them is private, which means I don’t want people to see them. I imagine that I can “hide pictures”: by storing them in an encrypted archive and protect them from unauthorized access. Only I control who can see my private digital pictures. There are many ways to hide private photos, but are they really safe? Is there any way to protect my private digital pictures, but also not making it much slower?

Then I found this PicaSafe, and give it a try. It is not just encrypt my private digital pictures inside a single password-protected executable file. But it is also allows me to view them by simply running the protected album and entering password. To view the snapshots is very easy, just double-click the file and enter my password then my picture will be displayed. The best part is, there will be no additional files created on my hard drive, which means there will be no any traces on my pictures on the computer after I’m done.

I even can fool the hackers by making them believe they have nailed it. All I need to do is create a set of alternative pictures that will be displayed when someone try to view my protected picture with the wrong password. Is it wonderful?